Our Comprehensive Range of Products for the Engineering Industry

The engineering sector requires a level of hygiene and cleanliness to ensure the safety of the workforce. At Chemi-Kal, our cleaning chemical manufacturing ensures that we use high-performance ingredients to combat grease and oil build-up. We have a range of engineering lubricants available, offering a solution to both surface cleaning and hand washing.

Furthermore, unlike those found in high street shops, industrial chemical cleaning products have a design to combat the harsh solutions and solvents that are in use to keep machinery and equipment in order. From our Elite Red Beaded Hand Soap to our Combat React Food Degreaser, we engineer products to optimise engineering establishments.

What engineering products do we have on offer?

While we have an abundance of engineering lubricants available, we do hold best-sellers that have been used by industry-leading engineers.

Elite Red Beaded Hand Soap

The Elite Beaded Hand Soap is remarkable in its power. This heavy-duty hand wash contains a combination of cleaning agents and biodegradable beads. It can remove even the most stubborn grease, oils and grime collected over a working day. Moreover, with a blend of glycerine, coconut oil and lanolin, it is also extremely moisturising for the skin.

HPD150 Industrial Solvent Small Parts Degreaser

Over the years, our cleaning chemical manufacturing has led us to produce some of the most elite products to serve the engineering sector. Our HPD150 Small Parts Degreaser is no exception. This versatile engineering lubricant deep cleans a variety of metal parts as well as application surfaces that are found in workshops.

Excellent when used on chains, drive shafts, chassis and washing machine parts. It works by comprehensively breaking down and dissolving wax, grease, heavy oils, diesel and hardened grime on a selection of materials including plastic and rubber. Its invaluable formula combats even the toughest of surface substances.

Sabre Hard Surface Cleaner

A hard surface cleaner is essential for engineering plants. They ensure that work surfaces stay clean and hygienic when in consistent contact with soiled components. The Sabre hard surface cleaner is one of our best-selling all-purpose cleaners. Its high strength and concentration combined with foaming agents make for an easy-to-use solution that delivers pristine results.

Do Chemi-Kal offer personal delivery?

On occasion, the Chemi-Kal team will venture to an engineering workplace to ensure that a product’s PH levels and dilution rates are suitable for the purpose. This is then recorded to prove that tests have been undertaken for the customer; ensuring that all health and safety regulations are met.

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Alternatively, our email address is info@chemi-kal.co.uk. One of our helpful team members will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have to ensure that our engineering chemical hygiene products can meet your needs.

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