Ink Removers

Industrial Ink Removal Solutions

These days, printing equipment is often equipped with built-in cleaning systems. However, these automated cleaning systems are not long-term solutions. Relying on these to keep your machine clean and ink-free will only shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Keeping press and printing equipment clean and ink-free helps to protect your investment. Also, of course ensuring that it continues to deliver the optimum performance.

At Chemi-Kal, we have a range of ink, solvent ink, and lacquer removers to support the businesses in keeping their printing equipment clean. From flexo printing and photopolymer plates through to anilox rollers, we have ink remover options suitable for all of the various printing parts that will require cleaning.

High Performance Ink Remover

All of our industrial ink removers have been expertly crafted to deliver a high performance without requiring high levels of contact time to clean effectively. With this in mind, they can minimise down-time. In addition, whilst still ensuring your machines are clean from inks, paints and lacquers.

Chemi-Kal: Experts In Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Chemi-Kal has decades of experience as suppliers and manufacturers of industrial cleaning solutions. We work with businesses all over the country. Therefore, we are consistently growing our expertise and understanding of the businesses we serve and how we can help them. Our product line grows with our knowledge. Additionally, alongside supplying cleaning solutions from leading manufacturers, we also manufacture solutions ourselves – such as the industrial ink removers. Using a customer-first approach, we take pride in providing high quality solutions. Meeting the day-to-day needs of businesses who use paint and printing machinery.

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