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Chemical Hygiene Products For The Food Industry

At Chemi-Kal, we are proud suppliers and manufacturers of chemical cleaning products and hygiene equipment for the food industry. When it comes to the food industry, cleanliness and hygiene is paramount.

With various industry standards to adhere to on a daily basis, premises that don’t remain compliant, can be at risk of being closed down.

Here at Chemi-Kal, we’ve got a wealth of products to support businesses such as food production companies. As a result, keeping cleanliness and hygiene levels to a maximum.

Cleaning Chemicals For Food Production

In a food manufacturing environment, there are many different sectors that need to be considered when achieving good hygiene and sanitation levels.

  • Food preparation surfaces and equipment are often the priority. But, as an employer you must also consider areas such as staff kitchens and washrooms too.
  • At Chemi-Kal our range of food equipment degreasers and disinfectants will ensure your equipment remains well maintained as well as clean and safe for use.
  • For other surfaces that also need to be cleaned to a high standard, our surface cleaners can provide fast and effective sanitisation.

Disposables For Food Manufacturing

Alongside keeping the equipment and premises clean and safe, Chemi-Kal can also provide you with the appropriate PPE and workwear for your employees.

From head and face disposables and gloves, through to specialist footwear for food handling environments, you’ll find everything you need with us.

Cleaning Products For Food Production

Chemi-Kal proudly work with food production businesses all over the country. We supply high quality cleaning products that can be relied on time and time again.

Furthermore, we manufacture cleaning chemicals based on the exact needs of our customers. Also, with industry standards ever-evolving, we consider it our responsibility to continue evolving our product range too.

Taking a customer-first approach, our service continues to grow alongside our knowledge and experience.

Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information on what we can do to help your food manufacturing business.

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