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Having the highest standards of cleanliness and chemical hygiene and safety solutions are the hallmarks of a professional business in the food production industry.

At Chemi-kal we share your passion for excellence and provide first-class food safety chemical and hygiene solutions that ensure your guests or employees enjoy food safely. From food safety preparation to surface cleaning solutions, we can help you choose a tailor-made solution from our range of products to suit your specific requirements.

The Food Safety Act

Clearly states that to sell food which is contaminated or unfit for human consumption or injurious to health is an offence.

Contamination of food is possible through infestations such as rats or mice etc., foreign matter, chemicals such as oils or cleaning solutions and Micro-organisms like yeast, bacteria and fungi.

The contamination of food can happen during production, processing, packaging, warehousing, distribution or quite simply at home. Micro-organisms are too small to be seen by the naked eye which identifies them as the hidden enemy!

Bacteria needs moisture, food warmth and time to grow, did you know they can double in number every 20 minutes in the right conditions? So over 8 hours 1 bacteria can grow to over 1 million.


Such as FPC90, Easikleen, Combat React, Chlorfoam, Turbo-San, Amphodet, FAD OR Protol are chemicals used to remove soil dirt and grease, they may be neutral, alkaline or acidic in nature. The work by either chemically changing the soling or lifting the grease from the surfaces. They will often need physical agitation such as scrubbing to assist in performance.


are designed to reduce bacterial numbers to a safe level such as Tersan OR Amphodis.

Chemi-kal have over 25 years’ experience within the food industry.

We are confident we will offer accurate solutions when it comes to choosing the right food safety products throughout the various stages of the cleaning process. We manufacture the majority of our cleaning products here on our premises and hold stock of food industry approved products. From the outset, employees are advised to wash their hands as they enter into the food preparation area.

We have a large selection of hand soaps, Sterisept is a Bactercidal hand soap or Sterigel an alcohol based hand disinfectant are 2 of our most popular, either can be dispensed manually or through a dispenser. We keep stock of Personal Protective items that are approved and recommended by the food industry too. These items include gloves, face masks, mob caps, over sleeves and aprons.

We manufacture cleaning products that ensure walls, floors and surfaces within these preparation areas stay germ and bacteria free. Once the food safety preparation process is completed, our products safely clean not only the surroundings but the equipment used throughout the process ready for the next procedure.

From Food Processing to Food Consumption

Chemi-kal stock a large range of thermometers and probes to ensure food has reached the correct temperature before it is served to the consumer.

Chemi-kal will issue a tailor made cleaning schedule hi-lighting important information such as contact time, rinse and wash procedure and which products to use for each action. This will take you through the various stages of the procedure touching on personal hygiene, keeping floors, doors, walls, ceilings, toilet and washroom facilities and food processing equipment clean and germ free. We will hi-light good cleaning practices and suggest adhering to the agreed methods in place.

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