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When it comes to keeping your premises clean and your employees safe, here at Chemi-Kal, we’ve got plenty of products that can help.

We’re proud to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial cleaning chemicals. We have a wealth of cleaning products, equipment, and workwear and PPE suitable for many different industries.

Alongside the various categories of products on our website, here you will find our clearance cleaning products which can vary month to month.

Clearance Cleaning Products

At Chemi-Kal we manufacture and supply industrial and commercial cleaning products for various industries. Our chemical cleaning agents and workwear can be found up and down the country. From the automotive and engineering sector through to catering and food processing industries.

Moreover, we consider ourselves to be a one stop shop for industrial cleaning products.

You’ll find cleaning chemicals to sanitise and disinfect floors, work surfaces and equipment, as well as all of the cleaning solutions needed to correctly clean and maintain washrooms. In our clearance section you can find some of these products at a discounted price.

Clearance Cleaning Supplies

Along with the chemical solutions needed to clean effectively, we also stock a range of other cleaning and safety supplies to equip your workplace with.

From disposable workwear like gloves, coveralls, and shoe covers, through to equipment like soap dispensers and hygiene ancillaries, you’ll find everything you need at Chemi-Kal – some of which can go into our clearance section here!

Chemi-Kal Clearance

Are you looking for industrial cleaning products and equipment? Or do you want to protect your employees with high quality PPE and disposable/permanent workwear? Look no further than Chemi-Kal.

With plenty of experience and expertise, we can provide you with expertly tailored packages that meet the needs of your business and its employees.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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