Industrial Floor and Hard Surface Cleaning

Industrial Floor and Hard Surface Cleaning

When it comes to industrial cleaning, Chemi-Kal has a wide range of chemical cleaning solutions and equipment that can support your business.

Whether you’re in the automotive sector working with irritants and abrasive chemicals alongside dirt and grime, or you’re in the food sector with strict hygiene protocols to follow. Our range of industrial floor and hard surface cleaning products can help.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Products

Keeping floors clean and hygienic is important for all businesses. At Chemi-Kal we have many different floor treatments to choose from depending on what you are looking to achieve.

From fast-acting algae removers to be used on driveways, patios, roofs and even tennis courts, through to Hyclean Gel Floor Cleaner that breaks down oil, grease and grime. Consequently, leaving a slip-resistant shine on floors. We can cater for all.

For infection control, our Kalzol Hospital Standard Black Disinfectant is a powerful floor disinfectant which can also be used in drains and bins.

Industrial Hard Surface Cleaning Chemicals

At Chemi-Kal, we stock a variety of hard surface cleaners designed to keep workplace environments clean and germ-free.

Our chemical cleaning solutions are designed to work on a range of different hard surfaces. From offices and kitchens through to food manufacturing environments and automotive workshops.

Heavy duty degreasers and low foam surface cleaners are just a few examples of the surface cleaning chemicals we can provide to your business.

Chemi-Kal Industrial Floor and Hard Surface Cleaning Chemicals

When choosing industrial cleaning products, your supplies need to reflect the nature of the environments that need to be cleaned. Resilient hardware and industrial strength cleaning products are pivotal for industrial environments. At Chemi-Kal, we cater to many industrial requirements and pain points. We supply products from floor care through to infection control.

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