Supplying Chemical Hygiene Products To The Automotive & Engineering Industries

Chemi-Kal is proud to be one of the leading industrial chemical hygiene suppliers in the UK. We produce and supply unrivalled industrial cleaning chemical products to support a wide range of sectors including the automotive and engineering industries.

We have plenty of experience in this sector. Therefore, we have a highly in-depth understanding of what companies need to keep their components, premises, and machinery clean and fit for use. Whether it’s simply improving the quality of cleanliness and hygiene in the premises, or it’s enhancing the overall look, feel and lifespan of a machine, our products provide countless benefits to businesses up and down the country.

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Engineering and Automotive Range of Products

As experienced UK suppliers of high quality industrial chemical products, we have worked with many engineering operations over the years. Some of the applications our products have played a role in supporting include;

  • Maintaining machinery
  • Washing components in the production process
  • Keeping the workplace clean and meeting hygiene standards

Chemi-kal support the industry with a large range of cleaning products. However, we also provide a complete range of products designed for a long trouble-free life at maximin workload in today’s sophisticated machinery which is complex and expensive. Consequently, this means protecting all moving parts with the correct lubricants. So, both machinery and oils continue to work effectively even under the most arduous conditions. We support industrial, automotive, off highway, agricultural and commercial vehicles.

Our Range Includes:

  • Industrial lubricants
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial Gear Oils
  • Machine Tool Lubrication and care products
  • Food machinery lubricants and greases
  • Textile machinery lubricants
  • Compressor oils
  • Chain Oils Automation: Aluminium cleaner and brightener
  • Traffic and road film remover
  • Vehicle Shampoo and wax
  • Snow Foam
  • Aerosol dashboard and vinyl top renovator
  • Tyre paint polish
  • Engine Lacquer spray
  • Heavy duty carpet
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Windscreen and window polish

At Chemi-Kal we proudly work closely with our customers to ensure we can identify the right solutions to meet their needs. We want our customers to receive the maximum opportunity for cost savings and efficiency whilst still being able to achieve the very best in terms of environmental and safety standards. Our automotive and engineering chemical cleaning products tick all of those boxes.

Automotive Cleaning Products

At Chemi-Kal we have designed, formulated, and manufactured highly effective cleaning supplies specifically for the automotive industry. The automotive sector is a growing market and with the growth of such a sector comes the growth in cleanliness and hygiene expectations.

We have worked particularly hard to grow our knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry. This is in order to ensure we could develop products that truly meet the needs of the sector. As a result, we have now carefully crafted a range of cleaning products for the underside and carriages for use in the car wash sector.

So far these products have been very successful. In addition, we are now working on developing a full range of automotive cleaning products with the knowledge and learnings we have gained so far.

Furthermore, Chemi-Kal is also a proud distributor of Morris Lubricants who have already designed a variety of oils and greases.

Engineering Cleaning Products

When it comes to engineering chemical cleaning products, Chemi-Kal has plenty to offer our customers. From degreases and hard surface cleaners though to small parts cleaners and hand soaps, we’ve got cleaning supplies to accommodate many stages of engineering.

Whether you’re looking for products to clean hands or products to clean components, our engineering cleaning chemicals can cut through grease and oil whilst ensuring businesses remain compliant with ISO standards.

Learning and Evolving

The automotive and engineering industries are two ever-evolving industries that will continue needing more from their cleaning products. At Chemi-Kal we are committed to creating and supplying formulas that are in line with the latest demands and specifications. Moreover, longevity and stability at the forefront of every cleaning product we sell.

For more information about our automotive and engineering chemical cleaning products, head to our website today, or call 01562 755 884 to speak to a member of our team.

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