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Industrial Thermometers and Probes

Temperature control is one of the most effective ways to maintain the safe production of food. Controlling, monitoring, and maintaining the appropriate temperatures for food products not only helps to preserve food quality but also ensures safety. Businesses that work with food and drink products have a responsibility to follow guidelines when it comes to temperature control for consumable products. Our industrial thermometers and probes can help with meeting these food grade standards.

By controlling the temperature of food and drink items, you can control the levels of bacteria that forms in the product. While heat usually kills bacteria, cold temperatures tend to slow down the growth of bacteria. But, different food and drink products require their own set of temperature requirements in order to remain safe to consume.

Equipment such as our digital thermometers can accurately measure the temperature of products in a safe, non-contact way. By remaining equipped with easy to use temperature control equipment, your business can remain compliant with industry standards. In addition, continue to deliver safe and high quality products.

Probes & Thermometers for Food Manufacturing

Systems such as the CaterTemp professional digital thermometer have been expertly designed with food processing and handling environments in mind. They are used to measure temperatures over the range of -49.9 to 299.9°C with a resolution of 0.1°C. Its bright and easy to read LCD screen is a device you can truly rely on for food manufacturing.

If you’re looking specifically for oven thermometers, we’ve also got you covered with devices such as the DOT Digital Oven Thermometer complete with its probe that offers the highest levels of accuracy when it comes to temperature readings. At Chemi-Kal, you can choose from a wide range of industrial temperature control solutions, just speak to a member of our team for expert advice.

Industrial Temperature Control

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