Training is a critical factor in keeping up to date with current food legislation, customer standards and food processing technologies.  Training includes the reasons for the cleaning and disinfection, cleaning methodology, good cleaning practices, correct identification of chemicals, the safe storage dispense and use of chemicals, the requirements for personal protective equipment and emergency first aid and spillage procedures.

“Ensuring that factories are cleaned and disinfected effectively and in a timely manner is a fundamental prerequisite in the production of safe and wholesome foods. This involves decisions on when to clean, how to clean and what chemicals to use, in order to remove physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants.” – CCFRA

Food companies must satisfy the hygiene management requirements of their customers and regulatory authorities. Chemi-Kal offer all their clients a comprehensive training package which can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

Key Sectors include, food manufacturing, processing, catering, dairy and brewery.

To sell food which is contaminated, unfit for human consumption or injurious to health is an offence.




Chemi-Kal training courses are specifically designed around  your individual requirements and will equip all employees with a basic level of understanding of cleaning, disinfection and safety issues.  More advanced hygiene training provides supervisors and managers with the skills needed to manage hygiene as part of a broader food safety and/or quality system. Our fully trained advisers from the Chemi-Kal team are available for onsite training and advice. Our team are trained to make specific recommendations relating to the hygiene requirements for any particular situation for each of the products used.

Levels and frequency of cleaning will vary, depending upon the food products being processed or prepared, the programme will remain essentially the same.  The removal of gross soil followed by the application of detergent, cleaning rinsing and sanitisation.  Whatever the cleaning task in the preparation of food from the first process through to its presentation on the table there is a product to help make that task easier. 

General Training Programmes:

  • Chemical Health and Safety – a guide for operators
  • Cleaning and Detergent theory
  • Disinfection and Disinfection theory

The content of the courses match the syllabuses set by SOFHT

The areas covered include the following:

  • The Law: Food hygiene and legislation
  • Microbiology and food safety
  • Prerequisite hygiene standards
  • Cleaning & Disinfection/Prevention of contamination
  • Managing cleaning, and waste disposal
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Traceability / recall
  • Documentation / records
  • Verifying a food hygiene system.

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