Automotive Chemical Hygiene Solutions

At Chemi-Kal, we are proud suppliers and manufacturers of high quality chemical hygiene products and cleaning supplies for the automotive industry. The sector continues to expand. So, it results in high expectations for the hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles and their premises.

Whether you are a professional car valeting company, an automotive garage, or any other workplace that requires clean vehicles and clean premises, our products can help.

Automotive Cleaning Chemicals

  • Our automotive cleaning chemicals are made from quality ingredients. Each product is formulated specially for safe and effective use.
  • The chemicals we supply are gentle enough on surfaces to ensure that no vehicle finish is damaged. But at the same time, it can achieve a thorough clean that leaves cars looking like new again.

Products like our Alloy Wheel Cleaner or our Brake and Clutch Cleaner are specifically designed to tackle tough grime, dirt and traffic film. Therefore, helping to keep vehicles clean and well-maintained.

We also have a range of products, such as, hard surface cleaner to keep surfaces around the workshop clean and grime-free too.

Hand Care For The Automotive Industry

Working in the automotive sector often means exposing your hands to dirt and chemicals that can irritate your skin. With this in mind, it’s important to keep on top of hand care and hygiene to ensure that your best tools remain protected. At the same time, dirty hands can end up causing smudges all over the premises. So, keeping them clean can help the rest of the workshop stay clean too.

Our range of hand soaps, hand gels, and hand cleaners and conditions can enable your employees to take good care of their hands and minimise the risk of irritation.

Chemi-Kal Automotive Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions

With plenty of experience as leading suppliers and manufacturers of industrial cleaning and hygiene chemicals, you can count on Chemi-Kal to equip you with the right products.

From the chemicals themselves through to equipment like gloves and dispensers, we’ve got plenty of solutions to keep your automotive business clean and safe.

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