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The process of brewing requires a safe and effective system of hygiene. This is not only a legal requirement but is of crucial importance in the daily routine. From the use of beer line cleaning chemicals to the sanitation of the plant, Chemi-Kal will have the product that you need.

In the brewery sector, the levels and frequency of cleaning will vary but the programme will remain essentially the same. The removal of gross soil and then the application of detergent is preceded by cleaning, rinsing and sanitisation.

Whatever the cleaning task during the brewing process, there are cleaning products available to help make life easier.

Ensuring Hygiene Safety Every Step of the Way

Once the brewing process is complete and the final beverage is delivered onsite to pubs, clubs, restaurants and leisure facilities Chemi-kal also has beer line cleaner.

Beer line cleaning chemicals ensures that your draft dispensing systems are clean and hygienic at all times with Sterachlor beerline cleaner. This powerful solution will clean and sanitise beer lines, tanks and taps. It will prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria and yeast, making sure that your beers are safe to drink whilst preserving clarity, aroma and taste.
Sterachlor is low-foaming making rinsing a quick and easy task.

A chlorinated detergent sanitiser is also a widely used product for general plant cleaning and sanitation in the brewing soft drinks dairy and food industry.

Each product we recommend using during these processes have Material Safety Data Sheets.

These include advice about storage and emergency situations, which are important to operations as well as relating environmental considerations and the C.O.S.H.H regulations.

Chemi-kal are leading suppliers of important brewery cleaning products for the brewing sector. However, we also offer a large range of chemical workwear to protect staff whilst managing the cleaning process.

Our chemical workwear range includes a selection of:

High quality mob caps
Over sleeves

Additionally, we have a variety of gloves including nitrile, disposables, powder free or flock lined, all food industry approved.

All our workwear is sensibly priced, good quality and again suitable for the food industry. All items are available in a selection of colours and sizes keeping your staff well protected and safe whilst managing the cleaning process. Chemi-kal products extend to manage and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace too.

Chemi-Kal Can Assist You With Any Situation

From keeping the washrooms and toilet facilities clean and hygienic or canteens, staff kitchens and tea points, Chemi-kal will have a product to suit.

Furthermore, there is also somebody available on the Chemi-kal team to help make specific recommendations relating to the hygiene requirements in any given situation. Therefore, if you have any questions about our beer line or brewery cleaning chemicals or any other brewery related cleaning products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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