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As with the brewery sector, the dairy industry processes requires a safe and effective system of hygiene. The use of dairy chemical hygiene and cleaning products are vital to achieve this. They are not only a legal requirement but is of crucial importance in the daily routine.

The dairy sector plays a significant role in the UK.

Our processing members play a vital role in their communities employing 24,000 people at processing sites around the country. On top of that, dairy farms employ 50,000 more people, both directly and in supporting industries.

The figures speak for themselves.

There are 12,000 active dairy farmers producing almost 15 billion litres of milk each year, with dairy products worth a staggering £9.2bn at wholesale level.

By the time Dairy UK’s members have made award-winning products, the value has increased many times again.These products vary from cheeses to tasty yoghourts, cream for your scones and butter for your toast, the milk for your tea, cereal, latte or a smoothie, the list goes on.

The character of the UK countryside and the content of your fridge all rely on the work of the dairy sector and the people it employs” (Dairy UK).

It is crucial that the high levels and frequency of cleaning are adhered to.

Micro-organisms are too small to be seen by the naked eye and are the hidden enemy. To sell food which is contaminated or unfit for human consumption or injurious to health is an offence.

The removal of gross soil then the application of detergent is preceded by cleaning, rinsing and sanitisation. Whatever the cleaning task during the dairy process, there is a cleaning product available to help make life easier.

Material Safety Data Sheets

For each product recommended for use during these processes there are Material Safety Data Sheets.

These include advice about storage and emergency situations, which are important to operations as well as relating environmental considerations and the C.O.S.H.H regulations.

There is also somebody available on the Chemi-kal team to help make specific dairy cleaning chemicals and product recommendations relating to the requirements in any given situation.

Chemical Hygiene Protective Workwear

Chemi-Kal offers a large selection of workwear to protect staff whilst managing the cleaning process.

Our range includes:

  • High quality mob caps
  • Over sleeves
  • Footwear
  • Aprons
  • Gloves, including nitrile, disposables, powder free or flock lined

All of our workwear is food industry approved. In addition, it is sensibly priced, good quality and ideal for the food industry.

Furthermore, all items are available in a selection of colours and sizes keeping your staff well protected and safe whilst managing the cleaning process.

The Dairy Industry Chemical Hygiene Expert

Chemi-kal products extend to manage and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the dairy industry workplace too. From keeping the washrooms and toilet facilities clean and hygienic or canteens, staff kitchens and tea points, Chemi-kal will have a product to suit.

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