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Chemi-Kal is one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial cleaning, sanitising products and workwear. With over twenty five years of experience manufacturing and selling products such as detergents, cleaning fluids, and PPE, our knowledge of chemical hygiene and safety is second to none.

Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturers

Alongside being a distributor of industrial cleaning products, we are also proud to be manufacturers of them too. With a specialist team of chemists with over three decades of experience, we are able to manufacture products that truly cater to people’s needs. By manufacturing our own products too, we are able to fill product gaps in the market with high quality solutions so that businesses really do have access to everything they need.

First Class Service

When it comes to our industrial hygiene products, we do more than just supply them to our customers.

We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure that we are providing tailored solutions that meet the individual needs and requirements of their businesses.

Although we specialise particularly in the Food sector, we work with a range of different industries including the Dairy, Brewing, Automotive and Engineering industries.

Food Sector

Our cleaning products for the food industry allow businesses to meet the highest standards of food hygiene. We also have a wealth of knowledge regarding these standards so we can be on hand to offer expert advice.

Therefore, ensuring you choose the right products for the right stages of the cleaning process. From making sure the worktops, walls and floors are sanitised and bacteria free, through to the cleaning of the food manufacturing equipment itself, we’ve got everything you need. Our disinfectants and detergents will help keep your premises safe and compliant with the Food Safety Act.


Here at Chemi-Kal, we have an extensive range of chemical hygiene products and equipment to support the automotive industry.

Whether it’s vehicle maintenance, estate management, or industrial skincare, our cleaning solutions meet the many requirements of this sector.

Some of our most popular products such as line markers, degreasents and electrical solvents come in the form of aerosols for safe and hassle-free use.


As an official distributor for Morris Lubricants, we are proud to be able to support the engineering sector with their comprehensive range of engineering solutions.

We have also developed our own range of cleaning products such as degreasers and hard surface cleaners to support this sector too. Our team is always on hand to support businesses in this sector with their ISO and health and safety certificates, and we are happy to check dilution rates and other safety aspects of the chemicals so that we can sign off their safe usage for you.

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