Chemi-Kal: A First Class Chemical Hygiene Company

Over recent years, hygiene has been more important than ever. While this should be standard, Covid-19 capitalised on the importance of staying clean and safe. In turn, industrial cleaning supply companies, such as ourselves, have taken a step forward and supplied businesses with a complete solution using high-performing cleaning company products and PPE.

At Chemi-Kal, we strive to give company owners and their employee’s complete peace of mind, always. Through a seamless service, companies are fully stocked with industrial cleaning products that are bespoke-measured to their needs. Based in the Midlands, we provide an array of industries with our products, including the hospitality, automotive, and engineering sectors.

Continue reading to find out more about our business, and how we’ve grown over the past several years.

Our History

For over 25 years, Chemi-Kal has been manufacturing and distributing food-grade chemicals and PPE. The food manufacturing industry has and continues to be the core business for us; selling to producers, manufacturers and any other business that is found in the food sector. We’ve always considered ourselves as one of the industrial cleaning supply companies that tailor their service to meet their clients.

Focusing on local companies, our team includes several area representatives that source new clients by offering a complete package that suits their cleaning schedules and dilution rates. This way, we can adhere to industry standards, ensuring that each and every business passes its inspections.

Our Aim

We strive to meet the requirements of our clients, whether that be meeting their regulations or keeping their team in good health and safety. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) regulations are required from all food manufacturer processors. Therefore, our customised service supports you in attaining this. Environments must stay pristine in cleanliness, with zero bacteria located.

That’s where our products come in. Being BSEN (British standard implementations of English language) tested, this accreditation proves that zero bacteria can be found on all surfaces used in food outlets. Consequently, we set ourselves apart by ensuring each of our cleaning company products is diluted according to our clients’ needs. This is also at the correct contact time. Unlike those found on the high street, we save our clients time and money by providing products that are ready for use instantly.

Our Products

The bactericidal products that we specialise in range from hand soaps, detergents, degreasers, tray wash areas. In addition, others that are involved in the cleaning side of manufacturing within the food industry. All are specially formulated to achieve impeccable results in cleanliness and ant-bacterial performance.

Why Choose Chemi-Kal?

Here at Chemi-Kal, we’re one of the only industrial cleaning supply companies that offer such a bespoke service. Combined with this, our service is next to none. We are comprehensive in our entire process, offering transparency and reliability throughout. With businesses worldwide having to adopt stricter cleaning standards to maintain a healthy environment, we can help achieve this with ease.

For more information on how our chemical hygiene company can help your business in reaching new standards, get in touch with us today on 01562 755884.

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