Handwash and Skincare

Hand hygiene plays an important role in many industries. Chemi-Kal offers a range of industrial hand wash and skin care products for employees. Good hand hygiene can help prevent and control the spread of bacteria and illnesses.

This is especially important in food and drink manufacturing and healthcare environments. However, sectors such as the automotive and engineering industries also require high levels of hand hygiene. This is due to the often corrosive nature of the solvents used.

By using the appropriate hand wash and barrier creams, workers can protect themselves. For instance, skin problems that can occur from frequent exposure to corrosive chemicals and cleaning agents. Our industrial hand sanitisers and hand care products help to clean, protect, and maintain the hands of your employees.

Industrial Hand Sanitisers and Soaps

Our high quality industrial hand sanitisers and soaps can safeguard against irritation and decrease the risk of cross contamination in the workplace.

For the automotive and engineering sector, our beaded soaps achieve a deep clean that is perfect for tackling oil, grease and general grime. For a fast, yet thorough clean, Steri-Gel alcohol based hand sanitiser gel can deliver effective protection against bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus. These industrial hand sanitisers are perfect for use in food production areas.

At Chemi-Kal, we can offer businesses a range of industrial hand hygiene products that can be situated in all key areas of the workplace. Our solutions shield hands in tough working environments. So, we’ll ensure that your products are completely suitable for the individual requirements of your business.

Chemi-Kal Hand Hygiene Products

Chemi-Kal is a leading supplier of industrial cleaning products, workwear, and PPE. With over two decades of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the hygiene solutions industries now require.

Our expertise enables us to partner with industries such as the Food, Dairy, Brewery, Healthcare, Automotive, and Engineering sectors. Therefore:

  • enhancing the health and safety of their businesses,
  • protecting their employees and customers
  • keep them compliant with industry regulations.

Our customer-first approach ensures that every business invests in products that truly meet the cleaning and hygiene demands each and every time.

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