Specifically Designed Chemical Hygiene Products For The Food Industry

Meeting optimal hygiene levels is extremely important for all companies. But, this is especially the case when it comes to the food industry. Food factories face a variety of different inspections in order to ensure they meet the strict industry hygiene and sanitation requirements. Due to risks of cross contamination and bacteria, maintaining a clean food production environment is critical in order to keep employees and consumers safe. Cleaning solutions and hygiene equipment for the food industry play important roles in keeping businesses adhering to industry standards. That’s where Chemi-Kal, a leading hygiene products manufacturer come in.

Hygiene Products Manufacturers

Here at Chemi-Kal, we are proud to be a leading supplier of food hygiene products and hygiene equipment for the food industry. From head and face disposables, through to the very cleaning chemicals themselves, we’ve got plenty of products to help keep your premises compliant.

With decades of experience as cleaning chemical manufacturers, we’ve got plenty of expertise surrounding the food industry and its pain points in regards to cleaning and sanitation. Having worked with food manufacturers up and down the country, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the types of chemicals and equipment the sector needs to support its hygiene requirements.

Food Industry Disposables

At Chemi-Kal, you’ll find a range of disposable workwear for hands, feet, heads and faces. PPE in the food industry is always needed to help prevent food from becoming contaminated with either hair or substances on hands. Our disposable workwear includes:

Disposable Gloves for the Food Industry

Also included in our range of hygiene equipment for the food industry are disposable gloves. Chemi-Kal is proud to be a distributor of Aurelia disposable gloves. Aurelia is one of the world’s largest disposable glove manufacturers boasting an unbeatable reputation for high quality products. Whether you’re looking for disposable gloves, chemical gloves or green nitrile gloves, Chemi-Kal is on hand to provide you with expert advice. We will ensure you invest in the most appropriate glove protection for your requirements.

Food Industry Cleaning Chemicals

There are many sectors within the food manufacturing industry that need to be considered when thinking about hygiene and sanitation levels. At Chemi-Kal, we’ve considered everything for you, so you’ll find everything you need with us. From the kitchen and bathroom washrooms through to the food preparation surfaces and food preparation equipment, we have a huge range of cleaning chemicals. These will ensure every aspect of your premises is clean and compliant with industry regulations.

Whether you’re looking for termina disinfectants or food degreasers or perhaps you’re unsure about what is needed for your premises, either way, our team is on hand to help.

Hygiene Products Manufacturer

Alongside being a distributor for food industry cleaning chemicals, Chemi-Kal are also manufacturers of hygiene products. By manufacturing our own cleaning products too, we can ensure that we can fill any gaps in the market for cleaning products. If there are applications that we feel we can’t supply an appropriate solution for, we use our knowledge and experience to manufacture a product that meets those requirements, essentially manufacturing to our customers’ needs.

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