Sterilant Non-Foaming Chlorinated Detergent 10L (2×5)L

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10 Litres (2×5 litres), 20 Litre Containers

STERILANT is a high quality, stabilised Sodium Hypochlorite solution for sterilising and stain removal for general purpose. It is a non-foaming liquid disinfectant, based on sodium Hypochlorite for applications in the Dairy, Processed Food and Pharmaceutical industries. It is a proven and powerful disinfectant effective against a wide range of micro-organisms.

STERILANT   is designed to sterilise equipment, work surfaces, drains, gullies, waste pipes, refuse containers etc. and can be used for chlorination of process water and also finds use as a heavy stain remover.


  • STERILANT is a concentrated high-quality steriliser.
  • It is not perfumed and is therefore ideal in all food industry situations where hypochlorite is recommended.
  • STERILANT is an excellent stain remover
  • Non-Foaming
  • May be used in CIP applications as well as by soak, brush or spray applications.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: For heavy stain removal and sterilising of equipment work surfaces etc. use a 0.6% solution (ie. 3ml per litre) applied manually or through a hand spray. For drains, gullies, waste pipes, refuse containers etc. and swab out. To disinfect and deodorise after cleaning the solution of STERILANT at the same strength as above should be poured down the head of the drain using a backed or similar container. For particularly heavy soiling a 1.2% solution (12 ml per litre) may be used. It may be applied manually with a mop, cloth, brush, bucket, power cleaning system or a hand spray. PRECAUTION: not to be mixed with disinfectant, toilet descaling agents or other cleaning products. Store in original containers away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

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2x5L, 20L

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