Alco Rinse Spray Disinfectant 10L (2×5), 6x750ml Spray

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An industrial ready to use spray disinfectant designed for general purpose use in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Effective against air borne viruses.

An alcohol based disinfectant also containing low levels of organic sequestrant and quaternary ammonium compound (QAC). It is specially formulated for direct application to surfaces when it is impossible or undesirable to use large amounts of water based products. It is effective against most vegetative forms of micro organisms including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast’s.

Alco Rinse is safe for use on food contact surfaces and evaporates rapidly leaving virtually no residue. It is recommended for use in high risk areas to clean and disinfect conveyors, filler and other equipment after small product spillages etc. It can also be applied during mid shift breaks to maintain a good standard of hygiene until production is restarted again.

Alco Rinse is suitable for use with spray applicators provided or using a clean dry cloth or tissue.


  • Ready to use, supplied with spray applicator.
  • Especially suitable for moisture sensitive areas.
  • Effective broad spectrum activity.
  • Disinfects after minor product spills.
  • Low residue.

USE INSTRUCTIONS : Use Alco Rinse undiluted, apply by spraying onto surfaces and leave to dry. Rinsing is not necessary unless legally specified.

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2x5L, 6x750ml

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