PN70 Low Foaming Phosphoric/Nitric Based Descaler 10L (2×5), 20L

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10 Litres (2x5L) and 20L Containers

Phosphoric/Nitric Based Descaler PN70 is a low foaming, high active, non-fuming nitric/phosphoric acid detergent descaler for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the Food and Beverage industry. KEY PROPERTIES:

  • Highly effective at removing inorganic scale deposits including calcium oxalate beerstone/milkstone).
  • Is a good oxidising agent.
  • Can be used in the passivation of new stainless steel CIUP and bottle washing applications.
  • Is highly economical at in use concentrations.
  • Is a conductive liquid detergent and suitable for automatic dosing and control.
  • Is a combination of 2 inorganic acids.
  • Non-fuming acid blend.


  •  Highly effective in removing most inorganic scale deposits, improving operational efficiency.
  • Can assist in the removal of organic soil.
  • Removes excess soft metals improving product integrity as part of a 2-stage degreasing process for new equipment.
  • Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity, ensuring consistent delivery of product. Conductivity is similar to sodium hydroxide so not recalibration requirement.
  • Dual acid system inhibits hardening of rubber seals.


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2x5L, 20L

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