Defoam Foam Control Agent 10L (2×5), 20L

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10 Litre (2x5Litre), 20L containers

Defoam is a silicone polymer dispersed in water for use as a foam control agent in aqueous systems

Once added to a system Defoam will reduce or eliminate the appearance of foam after it has been formed. A specialised de-foaming agent to be added to liquid recovery tanks on cleaning machines. Controls detergent foam from the product being used and counteracts foam from any previous detergent residues on the surface.



Suitable for eliminating foaming problems in recovery tanks of carpet extraction machines, wet vacuums and scrubber dryers, allowing tanks to be used to their full capacity.




Defoam is non toxic but care should be exercised in handling. Eye goggles and gloves are recommended. If contact is made wash immediately with water and a mild detergent.  If accidentally ingested do not induce vomiting. Immediately rinse mouth and drink plenty of water.  If comes into contact with the eyes immediately flush with plenty of water for up to 15 minutes. Remove any contact lenses and open eyes wide apart. Get medical attention if any discomfort continues.


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2x5L, 20L

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