CK114 Alkaline Foam Detergent 20L, 210L, 1000L

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20L, 210L, 1,000L Containers

Alkaline Pasteuriser, Dairy and Bulk Tank Cleaner.

CK 114 is an alkaline foam detergent for use in the food, beverage and allied industries and in pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing areas. CK 114  contains a balanced blend of anionic and non ionic surfactants in alkaline solution. Removes oils, fats and grease of vegetable and animal origin. Can be used with all types of foam application equipment eg. High pressure washers, steam cleaners, floor scrubbing machines and via mobile and ring main foaming systems.


  • Effective against oils, fats and grease.
  • Retentive foam properties.
  • Suitable for use on most surfaces found in food/beverage processing.
  • Can be used on aluminium with care as directed.


USE INSTRUCTIONS : Use CK 114 for daily routine cleaning at concentrations between 1 – 2% v/v, up to 60ºC contact time 10-15 minutes, with brushing, followed by rinsing in clean water.  Foam application 3-5% v/v. For heavy duty residues requiring repeat treatments up to 10% v/v concentration may be required. For specific details please refer to individual method cards.

 SAFE HANDLING AND STORAGE INFORMATION : Store in original closed containers away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY : CK 114 is compatible with most materials commonly found in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Use on aluminium with care as directed. In the event of uncertainty it is advisable to evaluate individual materials before use.




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20L, 210L, 1000L

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