Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets 6×200 tablets per case

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Chlorine Sanitising Tablet Minimise a risk to an outbreak of diseases. USES: Tablets can be used safely in kitchens and food preparation areas including washrooms, bedrooms, reception areas sluice rooms and more offering one of the most efficient ways of delivering chlorine disinfectant, as they are UV stabilized. Chlorine tablets are chlorine gas bound chemically, which is formulated for a wide variety of uses as a powerful disinfectant. The tablets will remove bad odours like urine and decaying food killing the odour at the source and not masking the smell killing the bacteria responsible for the smell. This product is highly recommended for disinfecting spillages including body fluids and disinfecting cloths and mop heads. • In tablet form—easier to handle • Rapid dissolving for all sanitising applications • Slow releasing with a controlled release of chlorine • Much more stable over time—easier to store • Stabilises availability of chlorine, even in strong sunlight • High concentration of available chlorine per unit • No residue left behind so no system clogging DIRECTIONS For general cleaning of food preparation surfaces, add 1 tablet per 750ml of warm water. Spray and wipe clean with a clean cloth. Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pack Size: 6 x 200 tablets These tablets are proven to be effective against all bacteria, spores, yeasts, moulds, fungi and some viruses as shown by the approvals under protocol. See table for dilution rates

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