Astral Enzyme Drain Opener 5L, 25L

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5 or 25 Litre Containers

Astral Enzyme Drain Opener is a specially formulated Liquid made with a range of micro-organisms for use in
biodegrading Fats, Oils and Greases.  Astral is used for keeping drains and grease traps in restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings free from deposits of grease and fat

Astral penetrates the surface and sinks deep into the greasy deposits in drains and grease traps and
start to break them up. The microorganisms form a biomass within the
deposits and on the internal surface of the drains. The micro-organisms produce enzymes
which go to work on the fat, oils and grease.

Astral is ideal for use in Restaurants, Hotels, Fast Food Outlets and Portable Toilets.  It reduces physical removal of grease and keeps drains and sinks flowing and reduces the chance of blocking.


  • Enzyme-based cleaner for drains, gullies and grease traps
  • Enzymes digest fats, oils, grease, protein and starch
  • Reduces blockages and reduces bad odours
  • Fragrance free making it suitable for the food industry
  • Can be used manually or with automatic dispensing systems
  • Usage: 150ml twice daily for low use establishment, 240ml twice daily for high use establishments
  • For Professional Use Only

Dilution Rates:

For a trap with capacity of less than 2 cubic metres:
Add 250mls daily, by pouring down a nearby sink or pipeline.
For a grease trap with capacity of greater than 2 cubic metres:
Add 500mls daily, by pouring down a nearby sink or pipeline.
Flush down with 250 – 500mls of lukewarm water. (Best when the drains are being used the least).

Exact dosages are difficult to determine, as quantities travelling through the drain system varies as a guide only:
Pipe diameter Dosage about twice a week:
50mm 100mls
100mm 200mls
150mm 300mls
200mm 400mls

Portable Toilets
Add three litres directly and cover the solids with water to aid solids digestion. Repeat every time
the toilet tank is emptied.

Caution: Floors treated with Astral may become slippery. Avoid discharge to natural waters. Small spillages may be washed away with large amounts of water. Larger spillages may be returned to the container. For disposal of aqueous surfactant solutions
Aerobic biological wastewater treatment plants are effective in treating aqueous solutions of surfactants. Treatment efficiency will depend on the treatment plant conditions. As with any wastewater disposal, consultation with the local treatment plant operating staff is recommended. In
some places it is required by law.

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