Airocide PAAD DEFRA Approved Disinfectant 25L

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25Litre Containers

Airocide PAAD is a 5% industrial strength Peracetic Acid based biocidal DEFRA approved disinfectant and detergent. A strong biocidal disinfectant designed for use in circulation cleaning and industrial sanitisation across a wide range of uses but primarily within poultry, dairy farming and other agricultural environments.

  • DEFRA approved disinfectant and cleaner
  • Highly effective biocide killing various micro-organisms
  • Leaves no residue
  • Quick contact times
  • Disinfects and cleans environment
  • Designed for farming and animal care

Airocide PAAD Disinfectant is DEFRA approved under foot and mouth disease orders, swine vesicular disease orders, diseases of poultry
order/avian influenza/influenza of avian origin in mammals order and general orders.

Product Applications

• Bio-based disinfection and cleaning of areas where livestock is stored
• Sanitisation of industrial processing equipment in dairy plants
• Disinfection of DX milk storage tanks (post milking)
• Disinfection of robotic milking equipment and teat preparation brushes (pre-milking)
• Cluster flushing/dipping
• Agricultural vehicles

Airocide PAAD can be applied using the following dilution rates:
Diseases of Poultry: 1pt to 145 pts water
Swine Vesicular disease: 1pt to 25 pts water
Foot and Mouth disease: 1pt to 800 pts water
General Order: 1pt to 145 pts water

Before using any chemicals always read the Safety Date Sheets in full. Keep out of reach of children and pets. We also recommend that PPE is worn when used.

Note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information given in this product information sheet is accurate it is given without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.

Product Information Sheet

Airocide PAAD V3 20




Regulatory Compliance for Airocide PAAD

Regulatory Compliance for Airocide PAAD