Venus UV Solvent Cleaner 5L, 25L, 210L, 1000L

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A quick drying universal solvent-based product removing printing ink and varnish. Venus can be used for cleaning intricate parts of machinery including photo polymer plates, Anilox rollers and many other surfaces likely to come into contact with inks around the print room.

Venus is recommended as part of your regular plate cleaning operation making sure polymer plates are well maintained for long periods of time without issue. Venus can be used as a daily cleaner for Anilox Rollers, keeping the cells clean and unclogging ink deposits with ease. Regular cleaning with this formulation keeps cleaning down times down to a minimum and reduces regular intensive cleaning regimes.

The formulation can be used regularly on parts and tools including doctor-blade chambers, ink trays and blades, and will quickly dissolve and remove a wide range of inks with minimal effort.

Venus Solvent Cleaner is water miscible making it easy to remove ink and varnish, it also has a low odour and is safe to use compared to other typical solvent cleaners and can be used regularly.

Directions for use:
Use undiluted: Apply directly to area to be cleaned. Wipe or rinse away as appropriate.
Also suitable for use in a cold dip-tank application with solvent vapour control measures.

Features and Benefits
Formulated to remove a wide range of inks.
Water miscible for extreme flexibility.
Also available in extra-contact and fast drying formulations.

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5L, 25L, 210L, 1000L

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