Saturn Heavy Duty Solvent Ink Remover 210L, 1000L

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Saturn Heavy Duty Solvent water emulsifiable ink remover is water soluble and safe for use on all kinds of surfaces and machinery including Anilox rollers, rubber rollers and press frames. Also suitable for use in dip and immersion tank applications.

Saturn is powerful enough to remove ink from a variety of print room surfaces, even when cured. Its slow drying formulation are particularly evident when removing dried ink from various equipment and press parts.

Saturn will remove stubborn solvent-based inks and coatings, even when cured deep within the cell structures of Anilox rollers or ingrained on other surfaces and tools that can be found around flexographic, lithographic, and other press rooms.

Saturn will remove solvent-based inks and coatings and dried-on water-based coatings. Saturn can be used for easy in-situ cleaning and can be flushed or rinsed away with water to remove making the whole cleaning process effortless.  An extremely versatile product, Saturn can be used in dip-tanks and circulating cleaners, spray, brush or cloth on a variety of surfaces for on-press cleaning including Anilox rollers, doctor blades and machinery surfaces.

Directions for use:

This powerful ink remover is designed to remove stubborn, solvent based, inks even when dried.  It can be applied with a wipe or a brush and rinsed with water.  After using for floors always rinse really well to remove residue.  We recommend that you test a small area before use especially for painted or plastic surfaces

Features and Benefits

The perfect daily cleaner for Anilox Rollers.
Removes a wide range of inks with little effort.
Can be used as a spray and wipe cleaner or in immersion soak tanks.

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5L, 25L, 210L, 1000L

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