Jupiter Ink and Lacquer Remover 210L, 1000L

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Water Soluble Solvent Based  210L, 1000L Containers

Formulated to remove stubborn flexographic ink, Jupiter is a solvent-based product making it a safer option to highly flammable and hazardous solvent cleaners such as Acetone and Ethyl Acetate.

Jupiter is water soluble which ensures the product is perfect for general cleaning and ink removal on a wide array of surfaces including flexographic printing equipment, anilox rollers and general surfaces around lithographic, digital process and screen print rooms.
This formulation can be applied in various applications either by brush, mop and spray, along with many other manual cleaning operations for on press cleaning applications.

Jupiter is suitable for immersion cleaning applications to offer highly effective off-press cleaning and many other automatic machine cleaning operations.

The high solvency means that Jupiter is perfect for washing away stubborn and dried ink stains with ease.

Jupiter is an effective replacement for Acetone and Ethyl Acetate offering safer alternatives to highly flammable solvents. The low volatility of the product reduces vapour build up relative to most other flexographic ink cleaning solutions, is not corrosive and safe to use on a wide range of surfaces. (We advise to test on a small area before use).

Jupiters excellent solubility in water means the cleaning operation is slow drying, giving maximum contact time to remove stubborn inks with little effort and can be used with water based and solvent based inks.

Features and Benefits

Effective replacement for Acetone and Ethyl Acetate.
Versatile – can be used with water based and solvent based inks.
Slow drying – giving maximum operating and contact time.

Directions for use:

For ink and lacquer removal: use undiluted directly on area to be cleaned. Apply by spray or mop. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe clean to completely remove inks and lacquer along with the cleaning solution.

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