Algae and Moss Remover 10L (2×5), 25L

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2x5L and 25 Litre containers

A powerful, fast acting product used to quickly kill and remove algae, mildew, moulds and fungi from external hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, tarmac, roofs and tennis courts making them look like new.

Algae and Moss remover can also be used in Fridges and Freezers for mould that accumulates around the edges. Simply wipe and rinse with a cloth.

For driveways and hard surfaces apply with a watering can or pressure sprayer at a ratio of approximately 10:1 (100ml to 1 Litre) dependent on the severity of the area to be cleaned.  After applying simply wait a couple of days and simply hose or jet wash as it doesn’t require any scrubbing or scraping.

The product is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid and can be easily diluted with water making it extremely economical to use.



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2x5L, 25L

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Algae and Moss Remover