Zenith Multi-Functional Semi Synthetic Coolant 25L

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25 Litre Container

Zenith is a multi-functional semi-synthetic metal process fluid which produces a translucent micro emulsion when diluted in water.  This product is a true rationalisation product and will perform most applications on a wide range of materials.  Zenith can be considered as a general purpose product and a direct alternative to the use of basic milky products generally used throughout industry.  It offers cleanliness when compared to basic milky alternatives along with improved corrosion performance and extended service life. Zenith incorporates the latest non-staining performance additives to ensure complete multi-metal compatibility. Zenith is based upon synthetic and natural esters in order to provide excellent machining performance across a wide range of applications.  Zenith produces a micro emulsion which allows for excellent visibility for the machine operator and has a low foaming tendency which allows for use in the most arduous modern day machining centres.

Features & Benefits

  • Based upon renewable technology
  • Excellent medium severity performance characteristics
  • Chlorine free
  • Secondary amine free
  • NP Ethoxylates free
  • Multi-functional
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Multi-metal compatible
  • Good levels of boundary lubrication


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