Steriglove Fast Drying Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 10L (2×5)

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10 Litre (2×5 L Containers)

Steriglove Fast Drying Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

A high quality, clear, colourless unperfumed liquid consisting of a solution of isopropyl alcohol.  Steri-Glove is an alcohol based hand disinfectant designed for general purpose use in the food, beverage and dairy industries.  It helps prevent microbiological contamination of food products when handling is necessary.  Steri-glove contains an effective skin emollient and bactericide, Irgasan DP300.


STERGLOVE is rapidly effective against a wide range of micro-organisms including fungi and yeasts.

  • Additional bactericidal ingredient, Irgasan DP300, provides residual activity on the skin 2-3 hours after use.
  • STERIGLOVE has an effective emollient which conditions the skin and helps prevent irritation and dryness.
  • A wall mounted dispensing pump is available for very economical usage ie. 2,000 (0.5 ml) doses per 1 litre .
  • Unperfumed – will not taint food.
  • STERIGLOVE passes the 555 tests against gram positive, gram negative organisms, yeasts and spores.


Steriglove is placed in toilets, wash rooms and changing rooms and at the start of work hands are washed with liquid soap and water and dried in the normal way.  Apply and massage thoroughly into the skin.  After 30 seconds hands will be left dry and feeling pleasantly soft and smooth. Always repeat the procedure after any visit to the toilet/wash room area. At place of work Steri-glove may be re-applied at intervals throughout the shift in order to maintain the highest standards of hand hygiene. Hands should be visually clean. If not wash and dry hands before application as described above. Steri-glove  is rapidly effective against all vegetive micro-organisms including fungi and yeasts. The incorporation of the bactericidal agent, Irgasan provides an additional residual activity on the skin 2-3 hours after application. Visually clean hands do not require washing prior to application of steri-glove facilitating its use at the place of work where full hand washing facilities may not be readily available.

Health and Safety:

Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes, wash immediately with water.

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