Protol Detergent Sanitiser 10L (2×5), 20L, 210L

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10 Litres (2×5 Litre) 20L, 210L Containers

A high quality, Quarternary Ammonia Compound based detergent sanitiser designed for general purpose use in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Protol is a Q.A.C. based liquid bactericidal detergent and is ideal for one stage cleaning and disinfecting.  It can be used for the washing of food processing equipment and general hard surface cleaning.


PROTOL is a blend of Q.A.C. bactericides and provides a wide spectrum of activity against micro organisms commonly found in food processing areas.

  • It is safe for use on all materials of construction.
  • PROTOL has combined cleaning and sanitising properties which are useful in helping prevent food spoilage and infection in processing and preparation areas particularly where greasy deposits are found.
  • Low odour compared to chlorinated products.
  • Low concentration is recommended: 1% v/v for lightly soiled areas. 0.2% v/v as a sanitising rinse following a detergent rinse.
  • PROTOL passes the 555 tests against gram positive, gram negative organisms, yeasts and spores.


Can be used in hot or cold solutions in the food industry where high standards of cleanliness and low bactericidal counts are of prime importance. PROTOL  is ideal as a single stage cleaner and sanitiser.  Protol may be used on process equipment, conveyors, trays, work surfaces, utensils, kitchens etc. in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Breweries, Soft Drink Manufacturers, Vegetable and Meat Preparation Companies, Abattoirs, Ice Cream Manufacturers and all food related industries.


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2x5L, 20L, 210L

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