Digital Fridge or Freezer Alarm Thermometer (810-210) Supplied with UKAS Certificate

Digital fridge/freezer alarm thermometer with max/min function.

  • programmable high/low audible alarm
  • records the max/min temperatures
  • remote probe
  • max/min memory

£52.50 ex VAT



*Please note item will not be available straight away and may take up to 14 days. Item will be certified at the time of order and then despatched*


Keeping fresh and frozen foods at the correct temperatures is essential for food safety. This fridge freezer thermometer is simple enough for home use but possesses the necessary features for commercial use. The digital fridge thermometer features an alarm to give you an audible warning if the temperature of your fridge or freezer falls outside the safe temperatures you set. With a 5000 hour battery life the 1.5 AAA batteries will only need changing every 6 months. This ETI fridge freezer thermometer features a large LCD display, max/min memory function to record the highest and lowest temperatures and an audible alarm. Temperature is measured over the range of -49.9 to 69.9°C with a resolution of 0.1 °C/°F and an accuracy of ±1 °C. The thermometer incorporates two temperature sensors, a remote water resistant probe with a one metre PVC lead for the appliance temperature, and an internal sensor for the room temperature. The remote temperature probe can be mounted onto the fridge internal wall using the suction pad or mounting bracket supplied. The thermometer is housed in a robust ABS case and incorporates a foot-stand for shelf mounting