CK102 CIP Bottle Wash Liquid 20L, 210L, 1000L

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20 Litre, 210L, 1,000L Containers

CK102 is formulated to be low foaming enabling it to be used in recirculation applications. It is designed primarily for applications in Breweries, Beverage, Dairies and Food Processing plants.
CK102 is also suitable for use in other high care industries. It has a high freezing point (approx 5°C) therefore during cold periods it must be protected from frost and wind chill. Bulk tank systems must have trace heating and pipework should be lagged and trace heated.

Cleaning temperatures should be optimised during trials. For fatty or heavily carbonised soils,
temperatures above 90°C can be used. However, for protein soils, it is often more effective to
clean at lower temperatures (up to 70°C).

CK102 is not suitable for direct food contact. Other applications should be discussed with your Chemi-Kal Consultant.

CIP – For Clean In Place applications, CK102 is typically circulated for 20 – 30 minutes at 2% to 4% v/v.
The exact concentration is dependent on water hardness and soil type/level. Before circulating the
detergent, pre-rinsing with water is advisable. After cleaning, the circulation loop should be
flushed with clean water until pH or conductivity of the rinsings are approximately equal to that of
the water.

CK102 is suitable for boil-out cleaning of cooking vessels. CK102 should be dosed between 1%
and 4% v/v dependent on the level of soiling. Typical contact time (boil-out time) should be
approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Where a soil has become heavily mineralised (typically after
repeated cooking of high dairy content products), it may be necessary to occasionally follow a
CK102 with an acid clean – PN70 or PA80

CK102 is used to boil-out oil fryers to remove the carbonised oil and product residues. Typical use
strengths are 2% to 4% v/v. The fryer is typically boiled for 1 to 2 hours with the detergent.

CK102 is suitable for soak baths used for stainless steel items at strengths up to 4% v/v. Contact time should be 30 minutes, followed by rinsing with fresh water.


  • Low dilutions provide high causticity
  • Suitable for recirculation
  • Compatible with Adhol No.10
  • Phosphate Free

CK102 is safe for use on 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. It is corrosive to Aluminium, Copper, Zinc,
Tin and their alloys. Contact with certain plastics can result in stress corrosion cracking.

CK102 consists mainly of inorganic components for which biodegradation assessment is not
applicable. This product meets the requirements of the European Detergents Regulation No
648/2004. Not expected to Bioaccumulate.


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20L, 210L, 1000

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