Astonish Specialist Clean & Revive 6 x 350g Tubs

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Introducing Astonish Specialist Clean & Revive, a totally unique product for use on tea and coffee cups, teapots, flasks plus much more! Formulated to banish ingrained stains that dishwashers leaves behind, restoring items to look like new! Now in NEW packaging made from more than 80% paper from sustainable forestry. PEFC certified ♻️

Simply add one scoop to hot water inside the cup and watch as the instant foaming action gets to work. 

Add 1 tablespoon (15-21g) of product to flasks or pots or ½ tablespoon per cup. Place stained cups, saucers etc. in the sink or on the draining board as the reaction may be vigorous and water may overflow. Fill with hot (near boiling) water and leave to cool 1 to 2 hours. Rinse well with clean water after use. For heavily stained items, repeat if necessary.

For use on glazed ceramics, glass, stainless steel and plastic pots & flasks. Do not use on gold, silver or aluminium. Use only on dishwasher safe items. For resin lined or plastic coated flasks refer to manufacturer’s care instructions before use.

Material Safety Data Sheet