Clean Hands Ready To Use 10L (2×5)

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10 Litre (2×5) Litre Containers Ready to Use

 A high quality ready to use hand cleaner and conditioner designed for general purpose use in the Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Automotive industries. Clean Hands is non-irritating and does not produce defatting of the skin.  Its mild formulation contains no abrasives, solvents or caustics. Use sparingly and frequently for good results.


  • No pre-wetting of skin required. Just rub Clean Hands into the skin and rinse clean.
  • Removes grease, ink, carbon, dirt and grime.
  • An ideal skin cleaner for use in garages, manufacturing companies, aviation and marine industries, construction work, food processing operations, print shops, machine shops, farms, automotive industry, oil companies.
  • When fitted to a Chemi-Kal wall mounted dispenser it proves both effective and economic.


SAFE HANDLING AND STORAGE INFORMATION : Store in original containers away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.











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Clean Hands Ready To Use Hand Soap