Arctic Ice Melt, White Prills 5kg, 12kg, 25kg Tubs

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Arctic Ice Melt is used to keep platforms, walkways, car parks, paths, stairs, stairwells, play grounds, playing fields, sporting facilities, fire escapes, roads, bridges, runways and even driveways at home free from ice. Once applied this fast-acting de-icer becomes sticky and prevents ice bonding to metal and glass surfaces for up to 72 hours in conditions down to -30°C. It can be used as a straight de-icer. This non-corrosive to metal and concrete product is safe to use around plant, animal life and is perfectly safe to use around children and animals. Arctic Ice prevents tracks and points jamming as ice forms between the moving parts, the most common cause of disruptions.


  • Sticks in place after use to prevent more ice forming
  • Prevents ice sticking to electric rail and affecting contact
  • Easy on pumping equipment
  • Easily biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Safe around plant life, children and animals
  • White in colour it will not stain carpet and soft furnishings when walked inside
  • Does not leave scratch marks on polished floors
  • Used sparingly for maximum coverage
  • Easy to scatter, can be used with a dispenser
  • No PPE Required
  • 10kg will cover up to 2000 m2

Before using any chemicals always read the Safety Date Sheets in full. Whilst safe around children and pets it is still advisable to Keep out of their reach. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information given in this product information sheet is accurate it is given without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.

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5Kilo, 12.5Kilo, 25Kilo

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