Blue Contract Urinal Block 3kg Bucket

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Sanfresh Blue Urinal Blocks

Water soluble and deodorising blocks for use in all types of troughs and urinals. These urinal blocks are free from para Dichlorobenzene to help prevent blockages in pipework and to reduce the number of flushes per day.
• Water soluble
• Has a strong citrus fragrance
• Contains advanced surfactant technology.
• Helps to prevent blockages in pipework.
• Available in both yellow or blue.
• Economical and convenient to use.
• Lasting freshness, meaning you will get more use out of each urinal block.

Directions Of Use:
Place one block in each urinal. With trough urinals, space blocks about 50 cm apart. For maximum effect replace the block or blocks once they have dissolved.
Bio Productions Urinal Blocks are for scattering in your urinals or urinal trough to eliminate bad odours. The block slowly dissolves releasing a refreshing lemon odour and long lasting action right up until the block is used up. The cleaning agents fall into the urinal trap and maintain and clean the pipes to prevent blockages.
Using enzymatic cleaning to break down fats, uric-scale and solids that build up in pipes and urinals, the XBUB3 urinal blocks are designed to make urinals smell fresher by eliminating the source of the odour by releasing enzymes to eradicate the problem efficiently and biologically.
This will help to reduce water usage, by significantly decreasing the need to flush the toilet/urinal after every use, with the blocks breaking down the source of odour and releasing nicer scents, with both blue and yellow blocks having a selection of micro-organisms and water-softening agents inside each block.

Can be used with urinals:
• Stainless Steel
• Ceramic
• Porcelain
Each tub contains on average 150 blocks.

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Urinal-Blocks (Contract) – YUB3