PA80 (Acidic Foam Descaler) 10L (2×5), 20L,

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10 Litres (2×5 Litre), 20L Containers)

PA80 a high quality, acidic, foam detergent and descaler designed for general purpose use in the food, beverage and dairy industries with a wide application as a descaler and detergent in the brewing, dairy and food industries. PA80 is suitable for use in all hardness of water.


  • PA80 is an excellent milkstone remover in the Dairy Industry.
  • It will descale fermenting vessels and maturation tanks in the Brewing Industry.
  • PA 80 is a general descaler for tanks, pipes, heat exchangers etc. in the Food Industry.
  • It is particularly useful for the removal of fish slime from fish boxes and dried blood from tiled surfaces in abattoirs.
  • In the latter case is should be used in undiluted form.

PA80 in the Brewing Industry can be used for descaling Fermenting Vessels, Maturation Tanks etc. Circulate a 2.0-5.0% v/v solution for 30-45 minutes. Where heavy scaling exists, circulation may be repeated, using the same acid if the descaling is incomplete. In Paraflows use PA80 to descale both the liquor and the product side. A concentration of 5.0% v/v is suggested. Circulated for 30-45 minutes at a temperature of up to 50ºC (122ºF). In Routine cleaning PA80 is an ideal acidic detergent for cleaning maturation tanks, mains, bright beer tanks, stainless keg fillers and bottle fillers. Used at 1.0%-2.0% v/v cold or warm, it will remove beerstone deposits and also light protein soiling. It is suitable for cleaning brewery plant under a carbon dioxide atmosphere, enabling the carbon dioxide to be retained. In Stainless Steel and Aluminium Casks soak in a hot 1.0-2.0%v/v solution or run cask washer for a short period on a 0.5% v/v solution. PA 80 is an excellent general descaler as described under benefits of the product.

SAFE HANDLING AND STORAGE INFORMATION : Store in original containers away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.










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2x5L, 20L

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