Laundry Concentrated Liquid 20L

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20 Litre Container

Laundry Liquid is a concentrated, low foam automatic laundry detergent ideal for both commercial and domestic machines. It is low foam and can be used on all machine washable fabrics for all domestic and commercial situations both through a machine or can be used for hand washing.  Our formula contains detergents with brightening agents and foam control.  It has a refreshing lavender fragrance. A highly active liquid offering excellent results.

  • Excellent cleaning Power.
  • Subtle Lavender fragrance
  • Use for Domestic, Commercial and Hand washing
  • Contains detergents, optical brightening agents, anti re deposition agents and foam control agents
  • Highly active formulation gives excellent results.


Appearance opaque white liquid, dilution rate is a guide only as recommended

Usage normal Soiling:

Soft Water: 10ml/kg, Hard Water: 15ml/kg

Usage heavy Soiling

Soft Water: 15ml/kg, Hard Water:

Hand wash 100ml 10 Litres

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